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Paige WWE Divas Cham­pion! I’ve been a fan of Paige on NXT and it’s nice to see her finally debut on Raw. This was her first match on Raw and as the new Divas champ. She even got to wres­tle for a bit and get her oppo­nent (Ali­cia Fox) in that cool sub­mis­sion hold. I have yet to draw any of the WWE Divas, I think the only woman I’ve drawn from the WWE has beenStephanie McMa­hon. I felt like I really needed to get some prac­tice draw­ing some female wrestlers. I also wanted to give Paige a cool pose and also get some prac­tice in with my perspective. Pick up a print over at







My sister and I have a headcanon that Jane is Belle and the Beast’s grandaughter.

and I think this further proves our point…


Which would explain why she understand Tarzan, he sort of reminds me of Beast in attitude…. he is sort of a Beast… hmmm. I like your headcanon. 

I agree. Professor Porter said that she got her wild stories from her mother. Belle had wild stories, which turned out to be true, just like Jane’s story about Tarzan was true.

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